Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Last night, while campaigning door-to-door, I had extensive conversations with long-time Paris Avenue neighbors that I had not met before. They live on Paris but on the other side of Wealthy Street. It's interesting how a busy thoroughfare like Wealthy can create such a divide. When we moved to Heritage Hill 32 years ago, there was a similar effect that people talked about for Cherry Street. The "pioneers" lived "south of Cherry". Reminds me of the classic phrase about living "on the other side of the tracks". It's amazing how geographical features, or transportation routes, like streets, tracks and highways, can create social barriers!

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Anonymous said...

Due to the gerrymandering of County Commissioner districts, I am no longer in your district, Jim. I am very pleased to see that you have won the nomination and hope that we can work to be sure that you win the election in November.

Mike McGuire